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API Conference 2017
Die Konferenz für Web APIs, API Design & Management
18. - 20. September 2017 in Berlin

Jochen Traunecker


19 Sep 2017
11:30 - 12:30
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Open Source Building Blocks for API Management and Governance

19 Sep 2017
11:30 - 12:30

APIs are everywhere and picking a specific platform to manage them is not an easy task. The plethora of available API management solutions, makes this task even more challenging.  

In this talk typical building blocks, fundamental concepts and processes will get presented, which can be found scattered in API management platforms. Keeping them in mind during the selection process of an API management platform could avoid getting lost in all the details that individual solutions offer.  In this presentation, a selection of open source API management platforms will get utilized to map the presented building blocks against available solutions and how they got implemented.

Session Themen

#API Management

Behind the Tracks

Web API Development

Ein detaillierter Blick auf die Entwicklung von APIs

API Design & Microservices

Architektur von APIs und API-Systemen

API Management

Von Policys und Identitys bis Monitoring